• Shuwei Qi
    PICA STRATEGY Founder/Chief Designer
    a designer known for his high standard and unique style, creates artworks full of love for nature and animals, mingling bountiful traditional Chinese culture together at the same time. Mr. Qi Shuwei perceives design not only as a career, but also a mission to present the world the charm of China and improve their understanding of China. He considers every single design as a cultural carrier and a bridge to express emotions, connecting the past with the present, the east with the west.
    His artworks extremely emphasize a sense of fullness and magnificence, which also reflect his high praise for vitality and reverence for nature. That’s why he chooses a healthier and more generous rather than a frail and pretentious way to present his design, intending to deliver the delight and vitality of life. Mr. Qi Shuwei firmly believes that a qualified design could inspire passion for life and pursuit of goodness.
    Mr. Qi Shuwei’s designs enable the world to glimpse a novel and superior Chinese aesthetics. Owing to his in-depth understanding towards design and insistence on quality, his designs receive high praises both home and abroad, modeling a new kind of standard for Chinese designers in the international design field.

    Shuguo Qi
    PICA STRATEGY Co-founder/Chief Strategist
    Mr. Qi Shuguo is a veteran expert working in brand communication with rich experiences for over 25 years, witnessing the rise and transformation of many global brands. He has provided consulting services for both Global 500 and prestigious international clients, helping them stabilize and expand brand influence in the global market.
    He considers brand strategy not only as the creation of logo, slogan, or advertising but also a comprehensive and in-depth process with brand core value exploration, brand positioning, target consumer analysis and long-term development planning included.
    Mr. Qi Shuguo believes that despite solving current market challenges, a successful brand strategy could also foresee and grasp future market opportunities.
    After the business transformation, Mr. Qi Shuguo deepened his understanding of brand strategy and viewed packaging as an essential bridge linking the brand and consumers together. He advocates that more than helping reflect the brand’s core value and personality, an effective packaging design can directly influence consumers’ purchasing decisions, which in return shortens the distance between the brand and consumers. Therefore, he emphasizes the close integration of packaging design and overall brand strategy to ensure the consistency and coherence of the brand, insisting that “without brand planning, packaging upgrades will not last long, just like a fragmented dream.”

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