• Shuwei Qi
    PICA STRATEGY Founder/Chief Designer
    Shuwei has provided the world with a Chinese style that is both novel and classic. Although facing various clients, amounts of oriental elements, including culture, animals, and nature, have been incorporated in Shuwei’s design, which is considered to be an overwhelming power throughout the world.
    Intriguingly, Shuwei was not formally trained as a designer. Well-known for his extraordinarily high production standards, Shuwei obtained the experience and standard through unremitting practices, which has largely retained the freedom of his creation. It is such resolution and an uncompromising spirit of struggle that opened up a new standard for Chinese design and made his design go global. The international community gave him such a comment: We see layers of Chinese culture. We see his technically marvelous design and plentiful sentiments. We also see he is a real lover of design from his abundant works.

    Shuguo Qi
    PICA STRATEGY Co-founder/Chief Strategist
    With 25 years of working in brand communication, Shuguo has provided services for 30 global clients and participated in producing more than 60 brand advertisement videos. In predominately offering consultation services on brand strategy for both Global 500 and prestigious international clients, he is good at putting forward perspicacious strategies, achieving brand construction through consumer insights, and finally driving customers to fulfill business success.
    After the business underwent a transformation, he emphasized improving the brand image through packaging, thus narrowing the distance from consumers. He believes that “without brand planning, packaging upgrades will not last too long, just like a dream.”

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